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Golden Heart Strong was created in response to the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District's announcement in February 2024 which outlined a dire budget situation listing four possible school closures, increases to class sizes, and reduction in services.

While we advocate for prudent fiscal decisions facing the reality of decreased enrollment from out-migration coupled with flat funding from the state, we also believe the funding from the local contribution to our schools should be increased. Proposition A addresses local funding for our schools, and hence the Golden Heart Strong campaign was launched to support voting YES on PROP A on MAY 7.



  • Restoring the tax cap back to the 2022 level by increasing it $10 million, and using those funds to provide reliable funding to our schools.

  • Distributing taxes in a fair way that doesn’t place unfair burdens on property owners, or local businesses.

  • Providing our military families with quality education for their children.



  • A thriving community that supports local businesses and economic growth.

  • A strong public education system that supports Alaskan families, military families, and attracts and retains top notch teachers.

  • A fiscally responsible tax cap and government transparency to protect hard working Alaskans.




Morgan Dulian

I have been a resident of the Golden Heart since 2013. I married life-long Fairbanksan, Haakon Dulian after a chance meeting skiing in Colorado. Haakon has been a Local 71 Public employee as a hot shot firefighter, warehouseman and mechanic for over 20 years for State Forestry. We are raising our three young children in a log-home off Goldstream.  

Originally from Wisconsin, and then Colorado, I have experienced both the decline and growth of communities. I'm leading the Golden Heart Strong campaign with Lael because I believe in investing in the things that make a community great, and PROP A is our chance to increase local funding for our schools. I believe you get what you pay for. Right now we don’t have enough and our schools are in crisis. PROP A restores the tax cap back to what it was in 2022 - a step forward to adequately funding a community that attracts and retains hard working Alaskans - the backbone of a thriving economy.

As an active member of our community, I have served in leadership, and service roles for: Fairbanks Rotary, the Golden Heart Women Who Care, Fairbanks Montessori Pre-School, Association of Fundraising Professionals Alaska Chapter, KUAC, and Jr. Nordics. Professionally, I raise private funds for education. In 2022 I was presented with the Alaska Journal of Commerce's Top 40 under 40 Award.



Lael Oldmixon

I have been a resident of the Fairbanks North Star Borough for almost two decades. As a mother, homeowner, and active member of our Golden Heart community, I have served in several leadership, community service, philanthropic, and board roles. I have also been an officer in my children's school PTA, served on the 2024 FNSBSD Budget Committee, and benefited significantly from being a member of the Fairbanks North Star Borough community. In recognition of my commitment to our community, I was presented with the Alaska Journal of Commerce's Top 40 under 40 Award in 2015.

I accepted the co-chair position for Golden Heart Strong because I believe that we must take local responsibility for funding education, which entails restoring the revenue tax cap to its 2022 levels. I am a firm believer that a robust and thriving public education system is essential to attracting and retaining families and professionals. My faith in our community, teachers, and public schools is unwavering, and collectively, we are cultivating the foundation for a stronger North Star Borough and a healthier Alaska economy.



On February 22, 2024 the Friends of Fairbanks Schools for PROP A was registered with the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) as a ballot proposition group for the May 7 special election in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Our purpose is to advocate to vote yes on Proposition A.  The Golden Heart Strong campaign is funded by the Friends of Fairbanks Schools for PROP A.  This is a 100% volunteer effort, and there are no employees of this campaign or the Friends of Fairbanks Schools for PROP A.

Meet the Friends of Fairbanks Schools for PROP A Treasurer

Sally Marek, Treasurer

Hi, I'm the Treasurer of the Friends of Fairbanks Schools for PROP A and I am here to help if you have any questions about APOC filing or donating to our PAC

Although I reside in southeast Wisconsin, I spend several months each year in Fairbanks visiting my daughter, Morgan Dulian (the Golden Heart Strong co-chair) and my three grandchildren. When in Fairbanks I volunteer at the Food Bank, participate in a sewing group at the Lutheran church, and enjoy the parks. Fairbanks has truly become my second home! Last year I retired after 24 years as a HR and Labor Relations representative at Caterpillar Inc. Due to my professional background, and my newfound abundance of time, I accepted the role as Treasurer.

I am a proud "Navy brat". My father served on the USS Missouri during the momentous occasion of Japan's surrender in 1945, marking the end of World War II. Growing up in the military, we often moved. One thing I could rely on was attending public schools with other military kids on base. We made instant bonds, which helped ease the stress military kids experience. I was deeply saddened to learn of the closing of Ben Eielson Jr./Sr. High School and the possible closure of Ticasuk Brown Elementary  - both schools that serve military families. I support PROP A because it will give you the opportunity to increase funding for schools, which positively affects my grandchildren, as well as your children, grandchildren, and neighbor's children. These young individuals are the future leaders, and caretakers of the Golden Heart!

Nicky Eiseman - Golden Heart Strong Deputy Treasurer

I landed in Fairbanks in the summer of ’74 and never left. This town raised me, raised my children, and is now raising my grandchildren. I love it fiercely! I worked a variety of jobs before settling in as a children’s librarian and storyteller, first in the Berry Room at the Noel Wien Public Library and then with the FNSB School District. I ended my career teaching 4th grade with the fine staff at Anne Wien Elementary School.

I’ve been involved in several successful municipal campaigns in the past few years and have been able to put that experience to work with Golden Heart Strong. I can think of no better use of my time than working to provide sustainable funding for our beloved local public schools.


Questions or comments? Let us know!

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