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On February 16, 2024 the Borough Assembly adopted Ordinance No. 2024-07, which calls for a legal, Special Election to be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, to place the following question before the qualified voters of the Borough:

"Shall the Fairbanks North Star Borough be authorized to increase its maximum allowable tax revenue for areawide taxes by $10,000,000 to fund education?

The additional tax revenue includes taxes from any areawide source, including property taxes, tobacco excise tax, hotel-motel room tax, alcoholic beverage tax, or marijuana product sales tax. If the additional revenue is solely raised through property tax revenue, it is the equivalent of approximately 1 mill or $100 per $100,000 of assessed taxable value of real property."



PROP A will provide the FNSB assembly with $10-million to increase the the local contribution to the FNSB schools.  

PROP A will restore $10-million to the FNSB tax revenue cap that was automatically adjusted down by $20-million in 2023. 

PROP A is our most responsible and reasonable solution to meet school budget shortfalls. 

The Borough does not have extra money available to fund schools. The $26-million debt service fund is a misinformed and misleading option.

  • This fund was created and is being actively used to pay Borough building debt.
  • The fund generates earnings, which are then rolled into the Borough’s general operating fund. This is a revenue-generating win for the Borough and helps keep taxes low.
  • To use the fund for schools would require a vote of the Assembly to change its intended use. School's are being closed and budgets are being made now.



PROP A does not state how the assembly may increase tax revenue.  
PROP A merely adjusts the tax revenue cap back to 2022 levels. PROP A will continue to protect citizens and businesses by capping how much tax revenue the Borough can implore. 

If the FNSB Assembly only uses property taxes to increase revenue, then if you own a home valued at $300,000—and you don't receive any exemptions—your property tax would increase by $300 per year. Less than $1/day.  

PROP A is not an unlimited increase to taxes. 
PROP A is a careful and fiscally-responsible $10 million increase to the tax revenue cap to help fund schools.

PROP A is not an illegal special election.
The FNSB Assembly called for PROP A in February because there is a need to better-fund our schools.

PROP A will not fix the FNSB budget. 
PROP A is targeted by the FNSB Assembly to specifically help fund our struggling schools. Other budget shortfalls, expenditures, and failings are not addressed by PROP A.  

PROP A is separate from funding the animal shelter & capital improvement projects. 
PROP A is targeted by the FNSB Assembly to specifically help fund our struggling schools.

Operating costs for our schools come from operational funds. Funding for the animal shelter comes from the capital fund, where the FNSB saves money each year for deferred maintenance problems that require long term savings and planning. 



2022: FNSB citizens approve by vote to continue with our tax revenue cap. This vote neither increased, nor decreased the cap.

2023: Former FNSB Assembly Presiding Officer, Aaron Lojewski, advocated for — and a majority of the Assembly approved — a severely limited budget against the recommendation of Mayor Ward. The 2023 FNSB budget caused the tax revenue cap to automatically decrease by $20-million, limiting funds available for a local contribution to education. 

2024: Governor Dunleavy vetoes bi-partisan bill SB140 which would have increased the BSA and provided $8-million more in funding to the FNSB school district. This, coupled with the limited funding available from the local contribution (2023), and decreases in enrollment has left the FNSB school district with a $28.5-million deficit to balance before the 2024/25 school year. 



The FNSB School District is educating voters on Prop A.
Check out the list of Prop A school impacts here.



Download, print, and distribute the GOTV flyer.

Download and print the Golden Heart Strong Prop A information sheet.

Review the Mayor's PROP A Presentation 

Dive into the Fairbanks North Star Borough Budget

Read the 2023-2032 Fairbanks North Star Borough Capital Improvement Program Booklet 

Explore the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District Budget Feedback tool.

Take a look at the full PROP A Ordinance-NO-2024-07

Read the March 27, 2024 Fairbanks Daily News Miner Article: Borough mayor prepares for budget cycle

Read what research from the non-profit Brookings Institution shows: It's Not Nothing: The role of money in improving education.

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